sleeveless t-shirt that vatos love to wear to show off placas.
Rednecks call 'em wifebeaters, vatos call them slingshots
by Ruca13 July 29, 2008
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An extremely effective napping method, also known as a "coffee nap". Drink a coffee or espresso quickly, then immediately go to sleep for 15 to 20 minutes. Waking up right as the caffeine hits your bloodstream makes you feel refreshed and alert.
Shit, I tried to slingshot but I just ended up having a dreamathon at double speed.
by Krangold v. Krangold September 1, 2014
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A flimsy undergarment for women, otherwise known as a g-string, thong or as my father likes to call them, "butt floss."
I won't let my dad see my doing my laundry because he refers to all my underwear as slingshots.
by KJ October 4, 2003
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Post-coital flinging of the spent condom in the direction of the female as she exits the room, with malicious intent to hit her in the back. If done correctly, she will yell in pain and embarrassment.
With deft percision, the condom sailed through the air and struck the girl in the back of the head just as she opened the door- the victim of Trevor's greatest slingshot maneuver to date.
by datesmybosses August 14, 2003
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the act of getting rid of a used condom. (puting on thum, puling back and letting go to make it fly away.)
after having sex, they needed to hide to condom. So they slingshot it out the car window.
by smitherson268 January 2, 2012
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A men's exhibitionistic garment consisting of a pouch and over-the-shoulder straps. Usually thong backed or nearly so. Can be marketed as either beachwear or underwear. An earlier definition of banana sling seems to describe a slingshot.
Koala once described a slingshot as the world's highest cut bathingsuit.
by George A. Trosper October 25, 2003
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similar to a credit card. the act of cupping ones hand and swiping between a mans legs while he is bent over, essentially slingshotting his balls
kevin was bent over, so jonathan gave him a slingshot.
by jcmorgan4 February 17, 2009
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