Abbreviation of Instagram. The photo sharing phenomena.
Friend: 'Hey did you go on insta last night?'
Other Friend: 'Yeh I love insta!!'
by froggerlogger February 18, 2013
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A prefix usually preceding a verb emphasizing and often exaggerating the haste of something, especially a performed task.
1. OMGLOL, you got instapwned.
2. Fedex rocks, package instarrived on time.
3. Seriously that shitty mindless show needs to be instacancelled before I instasert this screwdriver into my pulsating forehead.
by FioraLongears October 26, 2007
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1. Slang term for the word instant; to be combined with a noun, verb,adjective.
2. To occur at the moment or instantaneously.
1. Why are you instalaggin it to do homework.
2. He did his homework instafast.
by DAWOODA99 October 24, 2010
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a prefix, generally used with an adjective to describe a person or object that was previously the opposite.
Shia Lebeouf is insta-hot.

Hanging out with girls named Stephanie is insta-awesome.

Plowing the fields is insta-satisfying.

by shc2q2 November 14, 2008
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comes from the phrase 'insta-raver'

someone who is brand new to the rave or electronic music scene and trying to give the impression they have been raving for years. (wearing lots of candy and stealing old rave flyers that they haven't been to
fucking instas. ruining everything for the true school
by KarmaSuture October 8, 2004
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