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cocaine-hydrochloride (powder form)
Mother: "Samantha open this door right now, youre wedding started 20 minutes ago!"

Samantha: "One second, ma, let me just rail these last lines of yizzle"
by aaron December 5, 2003
when a man with a bonga gets it out and starts slaping people with it
fuck off or ill bonga slap you
by aaron October 8, 2003
a opportunity to have sex or a person whith wich there is an opportunity to have sex.
I'm going to talk to him, I sence an asspportunity.
by aaron February 25, 2005
One who is a member of Massassi (the website or the ancient race).
MadQuack is a massassian
by aaron March 25, 2003
Short for Obsseive Compulsive Disorder

OCD Is a disorder that cause Obessive thoughts and/or compulsive actions resulting from a shortage of a chemical inside the frontal lobe of the brain. There are many ways to take care of OCD. The two best ways are behavior therapy and medication (what I use). Unlike most other mental disorders people with OCD lead mostly normal lives and are aware of their disorder. The disorder can be extremely stressful on it's victims. In fact is a stress so bad that most people without the disorder have probably ever experienced.
Because of OCD George kept checking to see if the toilet was flushed even though he knew it was.

Because of OCD Jeff constantly washed his hands for germs until they became blistered and raw.

Because of OCD Andrew couldn't handle a gun because he was afraid he would harm someone he cared about with it.
by aaron July 6, 2004
The best underground counterstrike source player. He will be widely known once his talent is recognized.
j1nxx owned me in that cal match last week.
by aaron January 30, 2005
Yerming is when one individual has anal sex with another then sucks the cum out the ass with a straw
John didn't like yerming since the last time he did it he puked for the rest of the night
by aaron April 24, 2004