238 definitions by aaron

1) Mad leet gamer
2) Suicidal
3) Heartless bastard
4) Biggest loser in his school
5) That guy that's gonna fuck everyone over someday.
"MagusOllarud can kick my as in Unreal."
"MagusOllarud is more suicidal than Adolf Hitler."
"MagusOllarud is such a heartless bastard. :/"
by aaron September 06, 2003
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A slang term for male ejaculate.
Hey Susie, that sandwich looks a little dry. Would you like me to put some man mayo on it?
by aaron June 29, 2004
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Male: An annoying person who believes themselves to be cool and attractive to the opposite sex. Therefore they have no friends, and are as appealing to the opposite sex as a vasectomy.
Female: An odd looking girl who looks like a mole or other small rodent. Normally she has no sex appeal and will still be a virgin by the age of 30. They tend to go towards big coats, to hide their fragile, mouse-like physique.
Male: Oh, you're such a maowle, making a shit joke like that.
Female: Eurgh, what a maowle!
by aaron December 08, 2004
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An independant yet whiney skinny blond girl who doesn't seem to realize she could have anyone on of the guys to herself (see also: Uglypan)
Strongbad trying to do Marzipan's voice on her answering machine: "Hi Oh, hello Marzipan... start calling yourself Uglypan."
by aaron December 08, 2003
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One who is a member of Massassi (the website or the ancient race).
MadQuack is a massassian
by aaron March 24, 2003
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