The touching belief, held by many extremely intelligent Americans, that in August, 2021, Donald Trump would be ushered back into the White House because... well... because, something-or-other, they found microscopic shards of bamboo clinging to millions of fake ballots... in Arizona... or somewhere, what difference does it make? and if they had to storm the Capitol again, by God, they'd do it.
The long months of 2021 had been hard for her, missing the simpering of Trump, watching the fake pandemic kill people, every one of whom had pre-existing conditions don't you know, and all those fools - idiots! - lining up to be vaccinated, willingly getting microchips implanted in their brains. But she waited, knowing balance and truth would be restored with the August reinstatement. And Hillary would go to prison. For that pizza server thing.
by Monkey's Dad July 21, 2021
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An neo progressive idea so radical that it eliminates smurglaries.
We want to punish people who engage in smurglaries. We need to reinstate bail so that smurglaries will deprive itself of oxygen
by Sexydimma January 12, 2022
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