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A woman, on occasion versatile male, who takes it in all holes and hands or facials from multiple males for attention. Tragically trapping her in a fearful place.
Gang Rape,Gang Sex,Gang Bang,Woman,Womxn,Womyn,Wahman,Versatile,Daddy Issues,Attention Splatter Platter,Attention,Getting Attention
by pornstitute January 3, 2023
Trans Exclusionary Homosexual. A Gay or Lesbian who will only date or have sex with people of the same biological sex as them. Also TEG or TEL.
The TEH won't date a Trans.
by pornstitute October 15, 2021
A person or company that brown noses and acts kindly to totalitarian states like China.
Don't be a Xitface, say no to commies.
by pornstitute October 12, 2019
To bend the knee to the authoritarian and get a endless cold shoulder because you keep lying about why. Reference of Cold is Blizzard and Xi is self explanatory. The comedian "The Black Jester" used this as a pun. (Ze Cold).
Seems they are left in Xi Cold.
by pornstitute October 12, 2019
A person who constantly gets the definition of nuance wrong, a frequent mistake lately, as people use a Thesaurus to approximate definitions to look smarter than they are. Nuance being a "subtle change" with no time based tense, since it's movement in time itself. Some seem to define it to themselves because they see the word new in it. Could be used to define any frequent word misuse.
Tim Pool is a nuancer. That nuancer just said nuanced, that's a past tense, there is no tense.
by pornstitute November 14, 2019
Laudry, Laundered. Back in the 90s started the "clean" and "safe" comedy, some of which were played in Laundromats. In an Iconic Speech from "Joking the Chicken" Duckman lashes out at such a movement that led to the "Woke Comedy." Basically describes any humor as "bad comedy" when worked into the context of the a statement.
"He really took that joke to the laundromat." or "He laundered that act" or "He took that act to the laundry."
by pornstitute October 12, 2019