1. The state of being totally owned, as in a sport or video game.

2. Destroyed

3. Impacted heavily in terms of emotion or mental state.
1. Ohhh, you got devastated!

2. "Ohhh, NYC got devastated!" -Osama Bin Laden

3. Susy was devastated when I murdered her cat with a chainsaw.
by Eric December 2, 2003
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Composite form of the Constructicons. Devastator is a massive, mainly green humanoid robot which is immensely strong and destructive, but also very slow and stupid.
Devastator is given a drubbing by the Dinobots in Transformers the Movie.
by Andy July 22, 2004
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To find something incredibly devastating. A shortened version of devastating but worse.
That song Slow Down by Wayne is SO devast.
This film is devast.
I love looking for devast songs.
by appelykisses October 14, 2007
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A term to describe a woman of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. referring specifically to the extreme beauty, intelligence and class that this woman possesses. This term is used because pretty just isn't enough chile.
Omg! That young woman is DEVASTATING. I would use the word pretty but it's just not enough chile.
by Ace1913 May 24, 2016
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A natural disaster has been known to devastate any area where it occurs.
by Okey2 September 28, 2008
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