taking just the tip of one's penis into the vaginal entrance and removing it, going no deeper than the bottom of the glans. . .commonly used as a compromise for sex and foreplay for a blowjob
She wouldn't let me fuck her, but she was ok with me tipping her before she blew me.
by Dr Gergenstake February 29, 2008
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1. verb. The lean that "gangstas" do when they are riding in their automobile
Did you see that foo tipping in a '96 cutless, what a busta.
by B to the J July 21, 2005
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process of transforming barriers to hope
Stop tripping, start tipping.
by Transform2P February 18, 2018
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The act of only being able to insert the tip of one's penis into the receiving partner during sex, as a result of having a large penis.
Man its so annoying how I have been tipping all the time, my dick is too big!
by BigErv September 13, 2014
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The act of going around to tables and a busy resturaunt and stealing tips before the waiters/waitresses get them.
Jason made $120 bucks tipping at that fancy resturaunt last night.
by tttuuuaaaa February 23, 2008
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The phrase "tipping" in many midwest cities means selling drugs from house often referred to as a tip.
With all that traffic, you would think they're tipping.
by midwestslang November 25, 2015
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the act of briskly licking sperm off the tip of one's penis
She began tipping my penis after i masturbated and some sperm sticked on the tip of my penis.
by sneakygreeky8 December 1, 2010
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