What you have if you can read the Encyclopedia Britannica front-to-back and manage to remember. Most will be useless during your mortal existence with the possible exceptions of Jeopardy contests and Thanksgiving dinner arguments.
I am gaining knowledge so that I am prepared to debate prehistoric Inuit burial rituals at the office.
by DreadPirateRoberts February 21, 2015
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1 in Supreme Mathematics

the accumulation of facts through observing, learning, and respecting
Knowledge is the foundation of all in existence, for it must be known in order to make it manifest. Knowledge is the light given off by our sun, which is the foundation of our solar system. It is also the original man, who is the foundation of Allah's family.
by LiquidSwords October 12, 2005
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The know ledge is defined by the furthest known region of the known (sometimes referred to by earth people as the "observable") universe; the edge of the known universe. Much like a rainbow, which also cannot be gone over, no one can really go over the know ledge because it is constantly receding into the unknown, because much like water, it too is scarred of everything it sees.
Greg: My alien girlfriend took me to see the know ledge last night.
George: Dammit greg, you need to stop taking shrooms
by Howard the loudest July 19, 2013
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