someone wishing to stand out by voicing their own opinions. the fact i'm voicing my opinion on this is irrelevant. also attention whoring in the way they dress etc
hey, you hip emo crowd...stop being such a statement. 'cause your not...
people include : anyone with a livewhorenal account, or anyo9ne who is dumb enough to stand up for what they believe in.
by coolification December 6, 2004
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Ms. Gonzalez, they want to statementize your witness, please give Ms. Singh the witness' phone number.
by court reporter June 8, 2009
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When someone strings multiple proclamations together, redundant or independent, when speaking.
Bernadette responded to mom’s lecture with, “Are you almost done statementing?”
by barnacle.bern May 25, 2021
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a word describing a statement or one who constantly makes them
Person One: Fish are friends, not food.
by meechtastic April 10, 2009
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An if statement is a programming construct that executes logic based on application purpose. many people claim programming is difficult, but as can be seen by this very simple example, variables, functions and if statements all make sense once applied to a layman's terms use.

DECLARE person_you_hate = <insert name of hated person>
DECLARE disability = <insert name of disability>

if ($person_you_hate = $disability) then
do send-to-gas-chamber
do commit-suicide
end if

function send-to-gas-chamber{
do grab $person_you_hate
then shove $person_you_hate
then close door
then turn knob
watch gas kill $person_you_hate
return happy()}

function commit-suicide{
do grab $person_you_hate
then humiliate $person_you_hate
then hand $person_you_hate noose
then force $person_you_hate onto wonky table
watch $person_you_hate die
return happy()}
Im going to use an if statement to settle this dispute
Dammit man, im an if statement, not a Star Trek character
If statement = stupid then

do kill-yourself-for-reading-this

do shoot-a-small-furry-animal-for-fun
end if
by honneamise December 5, 2018
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A Barnum Statement is a phrase used by conmen (for example a psychic) to try and make people think they have some deep insight into their psychology or life.
They are also commonly used in horoscopes

Barnum Statements are statements which most people will agree with, regarding themselves, while not realizing that almost every other person will also agree with them regarding their own lives

examples are:
"you have a good sense of humor, but not everyone sees it"
"you tend to think about things before taking action"
"You have had some major challenges in your life"
"you recently had a disagreement with someone you care for"
"The psychic told me that I was quite intelligent, but other people dont always see it"
"Sounds like she was just feeding you a Barnum Statement"
by DutchCappedCrusader June 12, 2014
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The vague and unobtainable goals of a company or organization used by management to explain what the company or organization and they themselves do.
After months of meetings and repeated drafts they thought their new Mission Statement was perfectly clear, only problem was it really had nothing to do with what they did.
by bullshitzer June 2, 2010
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