1. The color white.

Contrary to popular belief the word "white" is not a racial comment or slur.
by alpha rioja May 13, 2005
What everyone calls people with white skin, and white people can't call people with black skin black.
Black Guy : Whats up white boy.

White Guy : Hey my black friend

Black guy : You can't call me black that racist
by KoKoKoK May 25, 2009
According to Sir Isaac Newton white light is the effect of combining the visible colors of light in equal proportions. So white is all color combined to make white. Black is the absorption of all color. So black and white are opposites.
So black out all I can see is the white snow on the ground.
by BossGIDaddy October 24, 2008
1) The color of milk; colorless color; the opposite of black.
2) A race of people of bright skin.
3) The part of the eyes surrounding the iris and the pupil; the sclera.
4) The part of an egg that is white when cooked, surrounding the yolk; the albumen.
1) Paper is usually white.
2) I'm white.
3) If the white of your eye is white, you're healthy
4) I love eating the white of eggs.
by The local Argentinian guy October 7, 2021
A skin color - the majority in the United States - which is apparently considered a negative quality by many, including those who are white themselves but consider themselves to be "not that white". Associated with poor dancing skills and general nerdiness. For a black person to be called white is considered highly insulting.

Essentially, if "black" were used the way "white" was, we would still be living in the 50s.
Example 1:
Tom (white guy): (dances poorly)
Jerry (also white): Tom, you're so white.

Example 2:
Doug (white guy): what are you doing on your computer?
Jeffrey (black guy): reading manga and listening to metal.
Doug: you're so white, Jeffrey.
by LesbianSeagull22(left wing) March 11, 2011
an adjective,
to foresee and act in advance of
to be ahead of in doing or accomplishing
characteristic of or benefiting a friend
That's white of you.
Well, hey that's pretty white of ya!
by Vicky Bryson October 4, 2006
"White" as referring to the stereotypical characteristics of individuals belonging to the Caucasian ethnic group or white race.

The term "White" is predominately used by ethnic minority groups to negatively describe others who are perceived to have characteristics of the White dominate group.

"White" can be used as a synonym for uncool.
If a person can not dance, sing, is uncoordinated, overly concerned with academics etc.

You are so white.
by snakeeyes2007 April 11, 2009