To have your junk inappropriately touched.
He/She fondled my junk.
by Junk Lovers December 21, 2009
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the autocorrected version of "donesies"
see donesies
Band camp is totally fondled, guys!
by saw2th August 20, 2011
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To grab and touch and feel oneself or others in a sexual manner. (To Fondle)
1: "Ew! Did you see that guy fondling himself on the park bench?"

2: "I love how she fondles herself so provocatively."

3: "Is ok of I fondle myself infront of you?"
by Elikipiki August 16, 2018
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touch/cuddle/stroke/played/handled/pet/caress with affection and sexual intentions
by Superific Sheepie June 1, 2005
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The art of being felt up. most commonly used by females. includes, caressing of the chest and neck resulting in heavy breathing and erect nipples.
you like being fondled eh cherise?
by damn ass July 5, 2005
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caressing ones private area in an affectionate manner.A form of foreplay.
before I start making love, I allow my lover to fondle me.
by Passionate March 6, 2005
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Feeling or touching, usually sexual or playfully
Stephen: My girl likes to cuddle, but I prefer fondling.
by Slasher Knight July 13, 2009
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