Adj: When you're Shacking whether from something got you scared or from cold.
Example 1:
Josh: Hey Josh! look at peter he's probably trembling.
Doug: I know he's just super cold.

Example 2:
Carlos: Ama beat you up once i get done of this shit!!
Tom: (in a sarcastic way) Oh Gosh!! Carlos, please don't... I'm trembling now!!
by Goooffy August 12, 2011
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(adj.) - Particularly in Jewish culture, a man or woman (particularly Orthodox) who exhibits stereotypically gay behavior.

Etymology: This term is derived from the title of a film which documents the lives of both out and closeted gay and lesbian Orthodox Jews, "Trembling Before G-d"
"His challah plate is shaped like a disco ball. That boy is trembling!"

"Oy! That faygele..! He trembles!" (variation)

"He might be married, but, girl, you KNOW he has tremors from time to time." (variation, using "tremors" as a reference to the term "trembling")
by Trembling Faygele August 5, 2006
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2 compulsively shake,during bomb 💣💣ass SeX♡♡...
I tremble with desire when he fucks me; our sex is bomb!!my body trembles uncontrollably when his tongue...
by CaLi❤💖LOVERGIIRL February 5, 2019
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Trembly: When you get hard all the time and want to bang a chick, but every time you get close you go soft and have a bit of a panic attack.
Use: “Damn, she was so hot and her sister was into it as well, but I ended up going trembly and couldn’t even push rope.”
by gonzo-tron November 1, 2013
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Tremble: Something shaking. To Tremble: To shake from either cold or surprise.
by TaeW April 28, 2018
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Local emocore/screamo band. Fronted by Matt Tremblay. Very big following.
by Nick DiFranco March 29, 2004
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a homosexual individuals last name and first name usually tommy , tom , or thomas etc.
guy 1 : i'm gay
guy 2 : man , your such a tommy tremble
by mattias1235 February 29, 2012
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