a phrase said emphatically when someone says or does something incredibly stupid. used to show disbelieve
you see someone driving around with stickers covering most of the paint on his car, you say, "this guy!"
by irishwhite June 20, 2003
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a way of saying no he didn't; oh wow; i can't belive you just did or said that: what you said was funny.
A: I was like "why are you here....nobody likes you?"
B: Oh wow....this guy.
by ThisGurlThatGuy-WolfGurl December 24, 2010
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Used to signal idiocy in others by fabricating a sympathetic audience or camera, accompanied by looking in the other direction and gesturing towards the person at fault. Not specific to males.
If someone says or does something that deviates from the normal activities or expectations of the current social company, "this guy" could be used.

An employer that asks a slacker to do his job may look at other coworkers, or just away from the boss, and motion towards the employer with exasperation and say "this guy."

Taken from movies that have characters who "time out" to talk to the camera.
by Daryl G. July 21, 2006
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used to address a friend when he/she does something funny/silly.
(friend serenades to the teacher in class)

"THIS GUY!!!!!" =)
by jtwanger May 27, 2010
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Punch-line for one of the greatest jokes ever.
What's got 2 thumbs & Loves blowjobs...?
* Whip thumbs out, pointing toward self *
Yell in a strong voice... " THIS GUY!!! "
Approach a down-lookin chick at the Bar in a Nonchalant manner & deliver the question...
.... pause for bewildered look
" THIS GUY!!!! " *pimp-ass smile *
- Walk out back & get your dick sucked.

Can also be used without the entry line to people in on the joke ...
Example... Talon says: ' Hey look who just got here! '
Kyle: " It's THIS GUY!!! "

by Talon F November 14, 2006
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someone who does something that is impressive and over the top making you feel impressed but also frustrated because you cant do it, all at the same time its really cool.
You: dang, look at this, hes making a hand drill out of two pieces of wood and hand made rope

Me: this guy

You: i know right!
by joshaua tolly November 29, 2016
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less vulgar way of saying this cunt, usually when something odd happends, you say it really fast with disbelief

usually said when girls are present
*scenario when girls are around*
guy: *guy runs up wall then does the splits*
by LaRgO October 18, 2004
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