Treating serious issues or situations with deliberately inappropriate and/or offensive humour. This is often referred to as dark humour.
Johny bought his war veteran uncle Dan a pair of fancy socks for his birthday, which would not have been facetious if Dan still had his legs.
by Who ate all the cheese March 27, 2018
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To make an attempt at being funny, while being sarcastic at the same time.
Jacky was being facetious when she said, "Yes, let's all go to Iraq for my birthday party!"
by Nikki P. September 7, 2004
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Along with abstemious, facetious is one of two words in the English language containing all five vowels in alphabetical order.
by gork March 26, 2003
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Stop being so facetious and tell me what you're going to do about the problem!
by neveruse November 10, 2009
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a word used exclusively by people who take themselves too seriously, while failing to convince people otherwise
John's attempt at making a joke crashed and burned. In an effort to save face and appear relatable, he announced to the room that he was merely being facetious. But not before first adjusting his monocle and tightening his ascott.
by dafed April 9, 2013
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The word facetious is used exclusively by arts students to describe someone being sarcastic.

Its generally said with a smug voice to make the person feel insignificant.
John: I think global warm in is a hoax. Look how cold it is outside!

Sally: John quit being so facetious.

John: Shut the fuck up Sally and keep managing McDonalds.
by Jaykup283 March 7, 2014
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Playfully jocular; humorous.
The comedian made many facetious remarks.
by Aaron August 30, 2003
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