Generous and forgiving; an SAT word that teenagers repeatedly screw up.
Jesus was magnanimous.

Dude, doesn't magnanimous mean big? No? Oh.
by SATdrillsergeant November 11, 2011
Generous and/or forgiving especially towards ones enemies.

Also, epic and fucking huge
by The Serpent June 27, 2021
noble in mind and heart, unselfish
Hercules was magnanimous
by vegihumor333 August 22, 2003
A term used extensively by The Kid and select cohorts to describe things of the highest or finest quality; exceptionally good of its kind.
When it came to communication, her oral skills were magnanimous.

4 spot bugs + a half hottie = magnanimous.
by TheKidRealNameNoGimmicks August 13, 2008
that which is ideal. Typically used as an expression of appreciation related to ideal behavior, but the slang form expresses appreciation and approval of desireable physical attributes.
Her ass is magnanimous.
by chunky April 5, 2004