1) In love with an incompetent, gropey, hyper-corrupt Governor who has an atrocious COVID track record, and a history of questionable sexual behavior because the media has never bothered to hold him accountable in any way or bothered to look into what he was doing. This caused the press to falsely portrayed him as an exemplar of competence, and Governor Cuomo to believe he didn't need to be accountable.

2) a figurative (and possibly literal) rape victim.
"Cuomosexual" has not aged well.
by The Cabal March 2, 2021
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An old creepy italian with nipple rings that likes to molest men and women while at work.
Look that Cuomosexual is grabbing his secretary's balls. I wonder why that Cuomosexual is throwing a press conference at a playground.
by Paczki12 March 7, 2021
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Someone who possesses a powerful urge to engage in various sexual behaviors with a member of the Cuomo family. It is unclear if this novel sexual orientation is COVID19-specific and temporary or if it will remain as an add-on to pre-existing sexual preferences. Cuomosexuals also identify as heterosexual, bisexual, pansexual, or homosexual, therefore engagement in mundane sexual behaviors with significant others can resume simultaneously . Interviews with Cuomosexuals consistently reveal that urges began in Mid-March and peek during COVID19 pandemic press conferences and/or news broadcasts. Hypothesized social causes include increased time alone in bed watching split screen images of said siblings during COVID19 pandemic.
When I couldn't get wet without my CNN fix, I realized I had become a Cuomosexual. After breaking the news to my husband, he pushed my head down and declared he was too!
by Hudson Body of Wisdom May 15, 2020
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a word used to describe a creepy pervert
Why is he touching her against her will? He's just a Cuomosexual.
Why is he standing in the garden naked? He's just a Cuomosexual.
Why is he standing outside her house in a black trench coat? He's a Cuomosexual
by charlottes web info March 7, 2021
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In love with competent, reassuring governance by a leader who uses complete sentences and displays common sense during a pandemic.
After watching today's New York State pandemic news conference, I officially identify as a cuomosexual. (
h/t Randy Rainbow)
by Civilly Right April 7, 2020
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Someone who is sexually excited by the idea of being aggressively sexual harassed.
The cuomosexual thought day and night about being pinned to a wall, kissed and fondled, trembling in fear.
by pornstitute June 21, 2022
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Someone, usually of high social status, who uses their position of power to sexually harass coworkers.
Three requirements of attaining public office include being male, suckling the teet of big tech, and being a cuomosexual.
by Ziggy BlacknWhite March 12, 2021
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