a very funny movie about a few boys and a clown who celebrate together and develop friendship. For children under age of 8.
My 4 year old would love to live in The movie It.
by TTV.MrSAVAGEllamaHUMAN November 13, 2019
Something people always say they got but they actually don't.
Teacher: *blabs about quadratic equations* Harry, you got it?
Harry: *wakes up* Yeah, yeah, I got it.
by SillySausage603 April 13, 2020
a funny movie about friendship between a group of kids and a clown from the sewer. the movie It is for kids under age 7.
"my 3 years old kid would love to watch the It movie"
"my 4 years old kid can sleep alone after watching movie It without crying and praying for me to sleep with him"
"our baby totally loved the clown pennywise because he invites his friend georgie to the sewer party"
by Masq_ June 13, 2020
The universal/lazy refrence to anything that doesn't deserve to be called by its official name.
I'm not talking to It.

I'll never be a part of It.

It's so creepy the stuffed animals in his room shivel up and hide when he walks in.

I want to hit It.
by CheesyCherryDiabetesChompers October 12, 2008
It... a common English word used to refer to an object.
She said, "I have a new car" He said, "Show it to me"
by Arty Beck October 24, 2009