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IN NORTHERN SAUDI ARABIA (AP)-Paratroopers call it "The Hawk" a piercing chill that cuts to the bone with a talon-like grip. -newark star ledger, 1/31/91
i about froze my koch, -thanks to the hawk!
by michael foolsley May 07, 2011
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surveying the clients at the pick-up bar, jane thought to herself; bring on the healing!!

bring on the healing! stated one of 'the damned'
by michael foolsley December 02, 2009
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police, john law, gendarmes, troopers, 'officials', e.t.c.

'the laws' was used by warren beatty in the film 'bonnie and clyde' re: the appearance of the police.

this term is one of my personal favorites! it is short, sweet, somewhat ignorant, the truth; and generally brilliant! here indeed, DO come the laws!!
SHIT!, here come the laws!!

i was up on mcfoolsley mountain, trying to 'crack a piece' when here come the laws!!
by michael foolsley August 16, 2010
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the lines created by mammary glands straining a blouse, etc; to the limit. -one or more lines in the fabric as strained!
that babe is oozing the good thing! fuckin' ay me like the lines!
by michael foolsley December 07, 2009
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the paperwork, hoop jumping, cup peeing, sweet talking, etc one must endure in order to get a job and/or sex partner
john wanted a job and a sex partner, but dreaded the processing

the processing required for simple survival seems to be never-ending
by michael foolsley November 27, 2009
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the ringmaster, leader, big boss, C.E.O., ruler, mr/ms BIG, E.T.C. of a situation; the one whose name is invariably 'on the line', that the 'laws' come to first in the case of a problem!! the main principal potentate!
(sex of the person irrelevant!!)
the showman @ that group house next door apparently kicks them all outside to smoke, lets' start calling them 'the hackers'!!

had to go see the showman, to beg for more money!

give'em a twist, a flick of the wrist, thats' what the showman said!! (-from: 'i've got a lovely bunch of coconuts')
by michael foolsley July 06, 2011
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