a phrase said by a person when stating that they wish to hear a song by the English rock group "The Police"
call the police


by jayzeejunior May 5, 2011
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The act of challenging your opponent to a fight then turning around and calling the police
He challenged his neighbour to a fight then called the police complaining about his injuries. He enjoys playing the calling the police game.
by youngleftyguy July 11, 2020
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Girl: Is that a weed

Guy: No this is a crayon

Girl: I'm calling the police

Microwave: 911 what's your emergency

Guy: *visible confusion*
Its that a weed "no its a crayon" im calling the police
by Old Chicken Nugets May 22, 2019
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A scene from the 2019 movie, "Us", where a smart home speaker is unhelpful when asked to call police.
Person 1: "Ophelia, call the police!"
Ophelia: "Sure, playing Fuck The Police, by N.W.A"
Music: "Fuck the police coming straight from the underground."
by smolmua November 1, 2020
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A term used when someone does something extremely bad, weird, fucked up, degenerative, sexual, horny, frowned upon, or just something that makes your stomach feel like shit, or makes your heart actually fucking stop for a second because you need to catch a breath after seeing what bullshit someone posts or say. This term can also be used on sexual messages, if someone is being weird, people typically reply with "I'm calling the police" "What the fuck", and "FBI OPEN UP!". The phrase / slang "I'm calling the police" is an effective way to tell someone to shut the fuck up, and for them to reconsider their life before saying something again or to tell someone your really fucked up and need psychotic help now. The term is similar to replying the suicide hotline number "1-800-273-TALK (8255)" , to tell someone to call it, and seek mental help (since they probably do tbh).
Guy 1: What were you doing? It's been like 6 hours!.

Guy 2: Jacking off to changed rule 34.

Guy 1: I'm calling the police and the fucking FBI to throw yo horny ass in the slammer.
Guy 1: Bouta fuckin teach this degenerate nigga ass mothafucka some goddamn justice.
by Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin September 20, 2023
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