a phrase said by a person when stating that they wish to hear a song by the English rock group "The Police"
call the police


by jayzeejunior May 5, 2011
The act of challenging your opponent to a fight then turning around and calling the police
He challenged his neighbour to a fight then called the police complaining about his injuries. He enjoys playing the calling the police game.
by youngleftyguy July 11, 2020
Girl: Is that a weed

Guy: No this is a crayon

Girl: I'm calling the police

Microwave: 911 what's your emergency

Guy: *visible confusion*
Its that a weed "no its a crayon" im calling the police
by Old Chicken Nugets May 22, 2019
A scene from the 2019 movie, "Us", where a smart home speaker is unhelpful when asked to call police.
Person 1: "Ophelia, call the police!"
Ophelia: "Sure, playing Fuck The Police, by N.W.A"
Music: "Fuck the police coming straight from the underground."
by smolmua November 1, 2020