727 definitions by michael foolsley

the place the elder male ('grandpapa', "pop-pop", e.t.c.)
dwells, upon observing a much younger female with the 'goods'; and being 'hitched up' (or not!) to an "expired shelf life" female, that no longer has ANY interest in sex!!

being 'penalized' by the inability to 'attract' above described human due to age!, and/or 'chronological erosion'.

-an 'imaginary wall', barrier, or 'cage' (but quite REAL!!) preventing "pop-pop" from touching the 'goods'!!; (oil and water being unable to MIX!!)

-one or more generations of cultural difference, AND age, making communication somewhat 'foreign' or 'alien'. -physical attraction in the 'old', rendered non-existent due to chronological etching away of physical attributes!!
john's grampa was about oozing all over beth!! (reponse:) yeah!!, it must be rough burning in elder jail!!

grandpa joe went home and 'ground the poison' out of himself, char-broiling in elder jail; after his visit to the 'titty bar'.

joe worked out incessantly, becoming quite muscular, but still couldn't stop the clock condemning him to elder jail!!
by michael foolsley July 26, 2012
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hair color somewhere between platinum blond and white (aibino lite?)
i wanted 'do' that electric blond but she was sp-o-o-o-o-ky action!!!!!!!
by michael foolsley November 30, 2009
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try to like or understand something you dislike, don't understand, or perhaps don't know as much as you think you know about it

walk in anothers' shoes
that rush limbaughs a fat prick, but we went out drinking and i had a good time- hes' cool, i had to embrace the devil with him.

judy had to embrace the devil when having her first anal

i went out with a bunch of liberals, -man, before i knew it i was smokin' weed...they were all right! i had to embrace the devil with them.
by michael foolsley November 22, 2009
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'covert' statement to reveal the presence of a large chested female, stated in hootie and blowfish tour bus while surveying crowd.
emerson bigguns is here
by michael foolsley November 28, 2009
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she granted him a crack at her energy center, then promptly made a mess out of him!
he was churning and burning in her energy center
by michael foolsley December 11, 2009
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miracle of the the male getting sex, the envelopment of the penis by any means necessary gay, straight, masturbation...etc. -the 'hiding of the salami', and its' peripheral psychological benefits, -ie: envelopmental therapy

-this is a proven stress reliever for the male, 'bargaining chip' for the female!! -plays golf with the relief valve on any appliance! (currency for the female, see: 'poons'!!)
john was crying over his status, he needed a little envelopmental therapy!!

worlds away, a human would have given john some envelopmental therapy
by michael foolsley October 23, 2010
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horse faced, having a long face somewhat similar to that of a horse
dave's heads-over-heels for that sparkly blonde newscastress...yeah? shes' awfully equine faced!!

john didn't mind an equine faced 'babe' if there was a chance of him getting the 'poison' ground out of him.
by michael foolsley September 5, 2013
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