745 definitions by michael foolsley

people hustling for money at a stop light...the concept i can easily grab for my money when my body is 'L' shaped, and i'm in a potentially dangerous, weak position.
those stoplight weasels are all a-hustle today!

gave a dollar to a stoplight weasel!
by michael foolsley December 3, 2009
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bask in the splendor of the situation (or 'get' glorious!)
joe undid her front closure "braw" and got glorious !!

they left the bluntsmans' with a delicious bag of 'skonk', went home and got glorious!

jeff got 'merged' in his car, then went to haulover beach and got glorious!
by michael foolsley February 12, 2010
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dude! thats' pretty funny, you should try to get that in urban dictionary...i did, i got urban dictated!
by michael foolsley November 22, 2009
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unable to focus on any one thing. forgetting what is 3" from your nose. not specific to old people.

unable to get the mind 'in gear'
i was gonna look up this word but my stupid mind went into mental neutral.

had sump'm i needed to do but now my minds' in mental neutral
by michael foolsley November 22, 2009
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a driver who is scared to get any closer to a bicyclist than about 10 feet
that white car is in a bicycle panic
by michael foolsley November 23, 2009
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cell phone *the precious telecommunication device many people CANNOT be without for two seconds!, -connected to their innermost soul* -talking about a MIGHTY IMPORTANT MAN/WOMAN here!!
gina called her soul phone jesus, because it was her savior!

he reached for his soul phone while pumping a lump!

he answered his soul phone while driving 80mph
by michael foolsley December 8, 2009
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hypnotically pert buttocks!!

tight buttocks that TAKE NO PRISONERS!!
that judy has GOT herself a butt!! -you: yeah! tough talking tocks!!

i seed me some tough talking tocks, and about shot some 'cream'!!
by michael foolsley May 7, 2011
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