683 definitions by michael foolsley

i was moving furniture and caught the head juicys, wheres' my head (doo) rag?

this bitch wouldn't let me off, cause i had the juicys!
by michael foolsley November 28, 2009
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moammar quadaffi (sp?)- seeing as how NO news media knows the correct spelling of his name, and he IS "crazy as a bedbug", i humbly offer: kadaffy!
i put a paper bag full of dog flops at the door, lit it on fire for kadaffy; then played ding dong RUN!

kadaffy dreading working at the 7-11: "no surpee onhe sop ding" (no slurpee only soft drink!)
by michael foolsley March 31, 2011
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being given the 'green light' for sex! -bliss for men and even liked by a few women!!
judy gave me the 'keys to the kingdom' then made a mess of me!!
she gave him the keys to the kingdom, his joy was indescribable!
she knew she was going to 'get off'!! he gave her the keys to the kingdom!
by michael foolsley December 30, 2009
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ejaculate, discharge spermatozoa, male sexual zenith
jane helped me launch my paratroopers when she 'let me off'!

it was a good old fashioned sperming involving many paratroopers

launch of paratroops means much to the male!
by michael foolsley January 08, 2010
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after seeing his mother in the nursing home, lead in the head was looking better and better to john.

a little lead in the head! , -thats' the ticket!!
by michael foolsley December 02, 2009
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ejaculate, ejaculation, material containing ones' 'genetic address' left on/in a spot, situation, or 'factory'
i made sure i didn't leave my business card with jenna

i made sure to leave my business card with her/him/it

i tried not to leave my business card on her bed!!
by michael foolsley March 27, 2011
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business; -entering a business which has double doors, the right door is invariably LOCKED!! -i've traveled this earth for ever and ever, and have virtually NO memories of ever encountering an open right door!! (excepting "public" bldgs!)


i'm left handed, and always grab the (locked) right door!! with my right... -IF YOU HAVE TWO GODDAMNED DOORS, WHY NOT OPEN BOTH!!?? i guess if both doors are open and able to be used, the "secret police" will appear and apply "extreme unction"!!
shit!, this stupid door is locked thanks to the left door law!!

the left door law is applied at our business!

i hate grabbing the left door and finding it locked because of the left door law!
by michael foolsley December 23, 2010
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