Being able to bounce back after failing. Showing adaptibility within a problem. Resilience. Perseverance. Not letting changes bring you down and ruin your hardwork.
The team showed elasticity when they changed they're play
by Cheerleading1012 December 29, 2015
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Little rubber bands that you find everywhere and never wear. (commonly worn with braces treatment. )You’re pretty much annoyed at the fact you need to take them off every single time you eat. Not only that but they add on that extra pain after tightening.. just as you though braces alone weren’t enough torture.
Mike: I got elastics today!

Delilah: Yeah... gl with that
by Mysteryc May 12, 2021
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To tie an elastic around an object; person; or thing
Brodie asked Jason to elasticate a note to the disks
by BrodieGirl July 14, 2008
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an 8 member kpop group under e entertainment. the members are choiin, rano, seungyeop, baekgyeul, romin, wonhyuk, wonjun, and yejun.

i love elast sm !!
by kpxpniverse October 14, 2020
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"he shot an elastic at my face!"
by anon February 23, 2005
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