683 definitions by michael foolsley

statement by questionably educated, alcoholic southern va. house painter. (never seen eating solid food!)

-useful for MANY inappropriate situations!!
pregnant pause: lets' get some maw likka!

how to handle a situation, what to do, which way to turn: lets' get some maw likka!

leaving AA meeting: lets' get some maw likka!
by michael foolsley November 09, 2011
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number one inter-cranial question when/while one is getting 'sold' or 'bamboozled' by sales-'person'. price is ALWAYS avoided until they spot the drool hanging from your lips.

one can mutter: lets' talk money! inside ones' head as the 'life-saving' attributes are being displayed. -really nice to know from the start if its (price) even in your 'league' (see: post their fees)
...and the orgasamatron 500 cuts, slices, dices, takes you off, turns dungs into gold and...(you) lets' talk money

let me show you this newer unit, it...(you) lets' talk money
by michael foolsley April 27, 2011
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visualizing a console inside ones' head containing rows of lamps lit by various human experiences.

the lecher lamp would be the one to illuminate upon sight of a 'statuesque' human!!

similar to the cartoons, where a cartoon character would turn into a powerful vehicle (truck, e.t.c.) blowing a horn, belching smoke, revving engine and burning rubber, upon visualization of same!! (tongue hanging out, too??)
she knew she could light my lecher lamp!!

that young woman lit my lecher lamp!!

he was gay, but still lit her lecher lamp!!
by michael foolsley May 29, 2011
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something that cannot be improved on! -another version is 'shines like gold' (or shining)
i checked for my potential definition in urban dictionary and abandoned it, three different people had put it like a jewel, i couldn't beat that!
he handled that business deal like a jewel
her bare glands gave good air; like jewels
that emerald shined like a jewel
that tool worked like a jewel
by michael foolsley February 02, 2010
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-of the extremely messy, viscous variety. resists any but major cleaning attempts, laughs at toilet paper
damn, out of time and i've dunged a grease release!
by michael foolsley November 20, 2009
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what al-qaeda will turn to...using old people (fat chance!) wearing a diaper with a 'load'! -the old people there don't seem to be too useful for this function! only the particularly rabid young zealous types!
hey joe! think we got a grey hair bomber over here! his diapers' packing a load!!!
by michael foolsley January 08, 2010
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self explanatory

keep your fucking cart away from the cold case so I can get to it, you idiot!
keep the strait jacket on your crotch fruit!! -control the 'howling' and running wild, arms flailing!!!
don't stop in the MIDDLE of an aisle or pedestrian walkway to 'ponder' -get fucking moving!
-get fucking moving, period!!! this includes haggling over two cents from a fucking coupon!! (-yah, but the circular says....)
laura mcfoolsis thought it was all about her, she had no concept of grocery store etiquette!!
by michael foolsley December 08, 2009
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