1. A child whose parents ain't married
2. A way to insult someone without swearing
Did you know Leonardo Da Vinci is a bastard?

Thou art a damned, maggot-eating bastard!
by The Best UD User January 30, 2017
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• child without married parents
• One who is narcissistic and unknowingly frustrating
The killer of kenny
• A 70's band which changed thier name to Motörhead and became one of the best bands ever.
Your parents aren't married, hence you are a bastard. You covered dog shit with a leaf and left it outside your brothers' front door because you thought it was funny, you bastard. You killed kenny, you bastard.
by Kung-fu Jesus July 29, 2004
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An Australian unit of measurment often used to describe extraordinary measures, particularly that of people and the weather. can be used as a noun, verb and adjective.
He ran like a bastard
It's blowing 40 bastards
It's a bastard of a day
by harro123 February 09, 2011
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n, A person whose actions are motivated out of necessity rather than a moral code based around being perceived as nice or good.

antonym: dreamer
Movie: Flight of the Phoenix (2004)
Stuck in the desert with dwindling water supplies, Elliott (the bastard) executes an injered enemy against the wishes of the other suvivors, as he would die eventually anyway and they would have no chance of surviving were they to share water with him.
by Dyslexic Bibliophile April 27, 2007
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these are all crap defintions of 'bastard'. most of them dont even define what the word 'bastard' (the one we want to be talking about) actually means. The real definition of bastard is someone who is a total mean person to you, who fucks up your life and couldn't care less.
that dude is a bastard, he got me fired from my job and divorced my parents
by better than youuuuuu November 16, 2005
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