To wear pants/skirt without any undergarments.
I wanted to wear a really short skirt, but I couldn't because I was bargaining.
by Mistress C June 24, 2008
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A good price for an item or product.
"How much for these anal beads?"
"Just £5"
"What a Bargain!"
by asggopi December 18, 2012
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New York City c. 1995


bargainous: to be considered an exceptional bargain; ridiculously cheap.
"Yo, Jerome got ounces of White Widow for fo' hunned. That's fuckin bargainous, dude."
by FlavorDave July 11, 2004
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A proud individual that has an interest discount and free products. This specific individual saves a lot of money and lives a happy life.
I like to bargain therefore I am a Bargainator.

Your not a Bargianator you paid retail.
by Bargainator December 27, 2012
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a word to describe something good thats just happened. like awesome. well kind of.
example 1
parent: heres a present for you, a phone.
kid: bargain!

example 2
teacher: you did really well in the test today alys.
alys: bargain!

example 3
kid 1: can i stay at yours tonight?
kid 2: yeah sure.
kid 1: bargain!
by ...hana... June 10, 2006
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Cockney rhyming slang.
Short fot Bargain hunt.
It rhymes.
Work it out!

Alright! It begins with a c and has 4 letters.
That David Dickenson's a right old bargain!
by Permboy September 19, 2005
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A word used for all purposes. Even for no purpose. Mostly said when it makes no sense, just because it feels good coming off the tongue.
"Hey bro, want to chill?"
"Fo sho."

*during awkward silence*: "Bargain."

"You're cute, how old are you?"
"....BAR.. ...gain-"
"-what the fuck?"


...try it
by JonnBlue August 30, 2011
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