683 definitions by michael foolsley

dead, death, expired, "passed away", checked-out, etc!

anyone that dies "leaves the building", so why does elvis ONLY, get sole ownership of the term??
shes' left the building

elizabeth edwards has left the building....!

that old fool left the building!
by michael foolsley December 08, 2010
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entering the pick-up bar, i realized the legion of tubing flooders was having a convention!
the legion of tubing flooders were all over those women!
john had a party, but it was dominated by the legion of tubing flooders!
by michael foolsley February 12, 2010
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the 'cold' response from a lesbian, when approached by a hetrosexual male suddenly, icicles appear everywhere...
(can be useful for a hetro woman dealing with a "lesser" or "undesirable" , hetro male !)
mick tried to chat up a 'bird', but received the lesbo frosties !
go talk to her!, i did, she gave me the lesbo frosties !!
i don't think she's big on men! , she gave me the lesbo frosties!
by michael foolsley February 12, 2021
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watching the 'high and mighty' take a 'tumble', falling prey to their more 'base' instincts. (I LOVE IT!!)

those who would 'preach' morality, 'right and wrong', christianity, conservatism, abstinence, e.t.c.; to YOU!- falling on THEIR fucking face!!
the politician put a 'hot load' in his mistress, and DANG! if it didn't 'take'!! -what a lesser-god stumble!

i love the lesser-god stumble of the ''hot shit" holier-than-thou, ending up just a "cold-turd"

the priest was found nude with a ten year old boy!, a true lesser-god stumble!
by michael foolsley May 20, 2011
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the religion for those who don't give a shit
when in rehab, my buddy was asked what religion he was...-i'm a lethargist, said he!!
by michael foolsley December 16, 2009
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a phrase indicting 'free' movement of something, even if only temporary/brief. state of time/space where one encounters no barriers/'controlling factors' of any kind.

i really like the way 'let' sounds, as though one were going to 'let' some water out of a spigot! -sounds kind of like british english usage! (how can you not love that!! it sure sets ME 'ALIGHT'!!)
this chronic fucking let me off, i was circling venus!

that bitch let me off! i was 'free' for several seconds!

they let me off work!, -now, time to CRACK SOMEONES' CROTCH!!
by michael foolsley July 08, 2011
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goal for the more patriotic american
i've got an idea, we've all all been working for 'change' but can't do anything about anything so, lets' all get sloppy fat!
by michael foolsley November 24, 2009
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