The conceptation is when your trying to get a point across
look dude i get what your saying but your not getting my conceptation.
by Land Hedrick March 6, 2018
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a theory about the nature of reality
i can't find my shoes because they went for a stroll
by nathanael June 19, 2004
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an act of inception (planting an idea in ones mind) performed through an indirect mindfuck.
While dreaming if sounds from other people having sex (through a wall or in another room) infiltrate and start controlling your dream, an act of conception has been performed on you.
by birdo00 February 17, 2011
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A violent process that happens when a daddy cell violently slams his head inside a mommy cell and the mommy cell consumes the daddy cell's head and leaves the rest of the daddy cell's body to rot.
Some believe that life begins at conception. I believe life ends there.
by Unbridled Scissors September 30, 2004
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A band that was formed in Norway, 1989 by guitarist Tore Østby, singer Dag Østby, drummer Werner Skogli and bassist Freddy Samsonstuen. In 1990, after a demo tape, Arve Heimdal replaced Werner Skogli and Ingar Amlien replaced Freddy Samsonstuen. A year later, Dag Østby quits, and the band is forced to search for a new vocalist. After many auditions, the band hooks up with Roy Khan, a classical trained opera singer.

Roy now sings in Kamelot.
*Air soloes*
Conception was a mega hard supa nice band fo sho.
by Robin S May 20, 2006
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