"Shit, look at all that whiteness"

"Yep, that's light"

by Anon May 25, 2005
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short on cash, unable to pay one's way
I can't pay you back just yet. I'm a little light for the rest of the month.
by friscola November 26, 2012
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evan: how was the history test?
mike: it was light
by joshua, s December 10, 2007
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a lighter, matches, or a magnifying glass (when doing solars) used to light a cigar, cigarette, pipe, bowl, bong, binger, bubbler, joint, junt, blunt, or spliff
hey man can i get a light, i'm tryin'a burn one.
by marklloyddrosnes August 13, 2006
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To blow up violently, usually through shooting.
Light his ass up.

We're going to drive by and light your front door up.
by Domino July 17, 2006
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