56 definitions by lola

How Kanye West looked like when he looked through the wire.
"....Just imagine how my girl feel on the plane ,scared as hell that her guy looked like Emitt Hill...."
by lola July 20, 2004
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I felt the e-tension start to build up, when that guy im'd me and started trippin off about how much of a skeeze I am.
by lola February 19, 2004
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what you say to someone when you just get in a fight with them and you try to make it up so u say this
Hey ex-best friend lori
by lola April 14, 2005
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a dick, the sex matiene, a hary object used to make a woman pregnant, the woman's favorate thing!
jo put his dick up lizzy's vagina
by lola March 17, 2005
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A white guy with a out of control curly fro.
I saw this guy the other day- his hair was out of control! he was such a mike.
by lola January 1, 2004
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best character ever on Southpark, a pot smoking towel,
towley got high and just wandered off one day
by lola January 9, 2005
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Same old shit.
Nothing going on here, just the sos.
by lola October 9, 2002
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