An adorable, wonderful boy. He nerds without warning, he blinks a lot when he's nervous, and his voice cracks when he laughs. He's sweet and quiet but always has something to say.The kind of boy that will stay up till ungodly hours just to play videogames, and is cuddles when he's afraid. Unlike the other posts say, he's not just some fallback. He'll make someone very happy someday. I know it. :)
"Oh, hey Baxter."

"Oh hai!"

"You Baxter, you."
by Take a wild guess~ October 12, 2011
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An amazing dancer. Girls will be stepping on each others toes to get a dance with him. He is very modest about his looks even though he is very athletic, tan, and muscular. He is unaware of the way that girls look at him, and he is the kind of guy that a dad would be proud to have his daughter date. He is usually country and works on farms and ranches any time a job is offered to him. He likes to hunt and fish, and has many good (sometimes exaggerated) stories because of it. He's the kind of person that you miss when they're not around.
I miss Baxter's wonderful dance moves so much!
by SmallTownMargarita February 4, 2013
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Baxter is the almighty god of gods. He is handsome, smart, kind, murderous frog hating chad. He is superior to all other people like Matthew’s, Aidan’s, Ethans and all other people. He is great at sex and women love him. He is not socially awkward and is not a nerd unlike other posts say he is a true god among men.
Baxter is amazing I want to suck his dick
by Jeffo the Dank December 21, 2020
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A Baxter is the character in every romantic comedy who is the "sensible" choice. He/she is the current boyfriend/fiance of one of the main characters, who gets left at the altar/airport/wedding rehearsal when the main character realizes she's in love with the unpredictable passionate romantic interest.

"..the minute you see them, you know they're wrong, ... The instant they walk on the screen, they give you some information that immediately makes the audience turn to the person sitting next to them and say, 'He's wrong for her. It'll never work out.” --Michael Showalter--
"That insurance agent she's dating is so responsible and dull. He's a total Baxter."

aka Bill Pullman in Sleepless in Seattle, Patrick Dempsey in Sweet Home Alabama, Ducky in Pretty in Pink, Cary Elwes in Liar Liar, Greg Kinnear and Parker Posey in You've Got Mail.
by Lola June 14, 2006
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A heterosexual Man who has many female friends but is not in a relationship with any female.

The Simple Concept of "Loved By All, Laid By None".

The Term Baxter can be abolished by the "Baxter" engaging in sexual acts with one of his female friends or finding a long term girlfriend.
"You Are such a Baxter"

"Alright Baxter"

"Loved By All, Laid By None"
by BanterKen September 8, 2009
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a sexy little man fish

he loves swimming long walks on beaches and to eat gold fish flakes. gets scared when fingers are put into bowl. but if tapping bowl he will come to your finger. he likes listening to music, enjoys laughing, and loves good homes. if you would like to meet him go to a pet store near you.
by pili9427 July 19, 2009
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The type of person that starts off shy at the start of their life, but becomes confident as they grow up. At a certain age they'll see how nihilistic everything is, but this'll only make them stronger!

Baxters are normally very kind and open-minded, but always bring themselves down, even when they're bringing you up. They are the person that says "Why not!" and "An eye for a eye!".

They'll only be affectionate when no one else is looking and even then the might act cold towards their lovers. They are NOT independent and need constant guidance like Blondes do.

They are also sex gods, even if they don't come off as one.
"Yo, that guys a totally Baxter"
"You really think?"
"Yeah, look at how he handles things dude!"
by L3617 N0 R3450N 70 L00K H3R3 September 1, 2019
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