Signing into an online meeting in order to appear in attendance and engaged, when in fact you are doing other things.
Rick had perfect pretendance at the weekly sales meetings this month.
by jester66 March 5, 2013
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When your friend name zac wants you to lie.
You: Hey Zac! What’s up?
Zac: Hey man wanna pretend the holocaust wasn’t real?
You: Aw man
by Bob bunker October 5, 2020
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my friend made up this word, it means the state of pretending something.
(taken from a real MSN conversation)

Me: Haha, remember when you were in love with Adam Pascal when you were 12? He's like in his 30s.

Her: LOL! Most of that was fun pretendation!

Me: Sure.....
by coolbeans June 12, 2008
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A woman who initially attempts to give men the impression that she is a prude and does not indulge in casual sex, but behind closed doors, she is very kinky and more than willing to engage in short-term, non-monogamous 'casual' sex with a man.
Do you know Linda? Linda is a Pretender and a Closet Freak. When she is at church, she behaves as if she will not have sex unless she's married, but if she is attracted to you, she will have sex with you the same night you first make her acquaintance.

I hate women who are Pretenders. They act all innocent, wholesome, and sexually conservative in public, then later you find out that they have videos of themselves participating in an orgy.

I love seducing women who are Pretenders. When you talk dirty to them, at first they act offended ... but then minutes later, they will usually let you know that your erotic dirty talk has them turned on. They love to present a prudish façade to men in order to prevent being labeled a "slut" or a promiscuous whore
by Yeezus Fan December 23, 2013
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Oh my god...How the hell did those Pretenders get famous?!
by Dominic1987 April 16, 2007
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A game played by children using their imaginations in the absence of material games. Contrary to popular belief, Pretend came before role-playing games, fucker.
Pretend is awesome because you can do anything you want.
by T Hizzle May 2, 2005
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A sarcastic phrase popularized by AdmiralBulldog and his circus of clowns, he calls MegaCucks.

Usually used to exhibit bewilderment and disdain against someone's actions or thoughts. This can be a response to somebody when you don't know if they are "pretending" to be dumb. It can be an affirmation of someone's stupidity.

Can be synonymous with replying to somebody who is being deadass wrong.

In other words, the feeling you get when you thought someone's actions or words were a joke but they were not.
John: Wow! Can you believe that Jeffery Ebstein killed himself?!
Matthew: Do you actually believe that?
John: Yeah. I guess he couldn't take the pressure.
Matthew: *shaking head* Not pretending.
by AtticusXIII November 6, 2019
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