55 definition by lola

Stands for Mercedes G Wagon, hot
That girl is a G wag
by Lola December 10, 2003

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very short shorts, displaying the cootie. Can be quite painful.
These cootie cutters are so tight they are cutting off my circulation!
by lola October 09, 2002

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To pirate, plunder or pilfer any item that you please. It works best when the person who you happen to be taking this object from is unaware of your presence or your intentions.
*Better watch out or I might shoink your big screen T.V..
by LoLa October 30, 2004

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A term used on da east side of los angeles by certain crip gangs. the term is used as a way of sayin "kickin it" or "chillin".
lola:what u doin?
michael:nutin just straight parlayin cuz
by LOLA January 01, 2004

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A totally cute, funny, comedian, who won NBC's Last Comic Standing 2!
John Heffron is the cutest, funniest man in the world! "YEAH DUDE I ROCK!" "SKUNK"
by Lola August 24, 2004

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adj- used to describe any type of cruddy substance. Can be found in any place: ie- under finger nails, on a park bench, in the used cup holders in a car.
Oh gross what is that....
Looks like gunga
by lola January 12, 2004

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A white guy with a out of control curly fro.
I saw this guy the other day- his hair was out of control! he was such a mike.
by Lola January 01, 2004

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