Julie is the best person in the world, she will make u horny, butterflies in stomache, she will make u masturbate all night bc she's so hot and sexy. and just by looking at her you will go crazy and fall on then ground bc u fell for her.
omg did you see Julie
yea she made me so horny
by morra di 69696969 April 11, 2022
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Julie is often a shy but intelligent girl. She hangs out with only a few people she's comfortable with. Usually Julies don't eat much and hate trying new food. Julies always do everything right and perfect first go.
Wow no way bro... Julie did it again first try.
by #1FanOfTheBetaSquad November 18, 2021
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Hey Julie, if you ever type your name on here and see this, you would already know who this is. I know I put you through a lot when we was together, and I still regret everything that I did to hurt you and whenever I think about it, it hurts like hell. I always ask myself “Why did I lose the love of my life?” If I was making no mistakes, we still would’ve been together right now. It hurts waking up knowing that you’re not laying next to me. I wake up every morning looking at our pictures on my wall because I miss the hell out of you and I think bout you everyday and night. It’s so boring without you, I miss being around yo goofy ass, I miss being goofy together mami. You mean the world to me, I love you to the moon and back. I pray that we get back together and that if we do, I wanna start from scratch and I will be different then how I was treating you before. I wanna make you happy and feel appreciated at all times no matter what. I know I beg a lot but I’m crazy for you Julie. Looking at those beautiful hazel eyes everyday made my mf day. I wish I can see them again fr. Flashbacks of us keeps popping up and it hits me different because I wanna make more memories like we used to. I never forgot about you. I LOVE YOU 2 THE MOON & BACK(#23 ON THE FIELD & #1 IN YOUR HEART)
by Bruce and Julie November 22, 2021
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A very beautiful girl, no one can ever replicate her beauty and her personality, if I were given a chance to be with her I would take that chance everyday of the year. She is also my crush at school, I love hangouts with her in the library in the secret place (not really secret but just at the back) me and her friends would just chill and talk abt weird stuff.
Julie will u be my girlfriend
by nil4729 April 30, 2023
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Julies are inspiring beautiful creatures only few can understand, admired by many. They tend to give off this shine when they walk into a room. Some may think they are stupid or even shy but really they are just withholding their wit because not everyone deserves to see a Julie at their fullest. It’s quite a site to see. They are goddess’s of love and accept people for who they are but diminish her friends or her, for that matter and you may enjoy her absence forever, she doesn’t even give you the chance to redeem yourself, she has made her decision. You are not worthy of a Julie. Only she is the truest purest of all forms, deciding your fate will be easy for her. She loves to play and tease, laugh and push the boundaries of life. Not a second is boring with her, as she will find ways to always entertain and be fun. She is someone you could spend all eternity with and not get bored. Let her show you life through her eyes and you will love again.
If Julie is not at the party i'm not going.
by dualipazson August 31, 2021
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She is a very short cute brunette with the best sense of humour and she looks shy but have a lot to say.when u get to know her she will seem like everything is fine in her life when it is all messed up.she is very smart and an activist she doesn’t really have goals because she’s indecisive but she’s a perfectionist that is why she’ll take time in everything.she’ll forget to sleep bcz she is scrolling through tiktok.FINALLY SHE IS LAZY
Omg she’s such a julie
by A cute random person February 21, 2021
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Someone who doesn’t deserve what she gets that’s good in life
Ew that kids a Julie
by Be my friend April 9, 2019
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