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Julie is extremely underappreciated. If you take the time to notice all the small details about her you will realize what a truly amazing girl she is. She has that sense of humor you can't find anywhere else. She is very real with you and if she doesn't like something about you she'll tell you one way or another. She is always the one who is there for you no matter what and will help you out anyway you can all hours of the day. Overall, she is a person in your life you don't want to be on bad terms with. She is a beautiful girl that guys really do not appreciate. If you have a Julie in your life you will definitely regret losing her and she is someone you should always have by your side.
If Julie is not at the party I am so not going.
by idk_69 April 16, 2017
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A Puff that is truly a sweetheart and an angel, amazing. A girl that is impossible to find. Someone who can not even harm those who harm her and looks out for everyone unconditionally. Forgiving, Caring, Kind.
She is such a julie
by QuiteNoone123 October 14, 2018
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Julie is an astoundingly beautiful and compassionate woman who radiates life and love. She certainly does not lack confidence although she has NO CLUE how awesome and gorgeous she truly is, which only attests to her humble caring nature. When you meet her for the first time to go skiing, you can not help being attracted to her in every way for her internal beauty shines as brightly as her outward lovely form. Once you meet Julie, you will not be able to get her off your mind because you have never met such a unique and lovely creature such as she.
Wow there is certainly something wonderfully special about that Julie.
by Wesley William P. February 19, 2018
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An amazing girl who shines brighter than everyone else in the vicinity. She is beautiful but doesn't know, she laughs with grace and sounds more sincere than everyone else's. Of course, she can be immature sometimes because she's busy being carefree and happy. Julie takes everyone else before her, cares and barely lies. She has mesmerising eyes you'd get lost into staring, her hair shines and is silky soft. Julie has an heart of gold and a pure mind. She likes dirty jokes but doesn't get carried away. Of course, this beautiful creature is one of a kind... if you lose her, you'll regret it. Julie forgives people easily but when they go against her will, she plays stubborn. Quite funny also, her sense of humour is larger than everyone else's, she'd take risks just to make her friends happy. She can be stubborn at times but thats just because she'd sacrifice herself for other's safety. Julie bottles up her feelings and keeps many secrets behind her glowing smile. Of course she's an angel, but you better be careful... you don't wanna see her angry (believe me and you'll be safe). Sometimes clumsy and quite forgetful... Julie likes to play with your heart and is quite sneaky. She can be shy at times but once you get to know her well, you'll gain her trust and friendship.

Julie you're amazing.
Josh: You know that girl over there?
Douglas: Ye, thats Emma
Josh: She's hot but so mean
Douglas: Ikr
Josh: But wait
who's that shy girl over there with that cute laugh
Douglas: Oh, that's Julie
All the boys want her and all the girls hate her cause they say she's a retard
Josh: .....

Douglas: nani
Douglas: NAH I AM
by Begone Furry September 27, 2018
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A beautiful, bold girl who is so unbelievably loyal and talented that she outshines anyone in the vicinity. A girl who's unique tastes and forms of expression are so remarkable and extraordinary that you hardly even know what to do with yourself and have no doubt that she more than likely invented the word 'flabbergasted'. A girl who is always overlooked but never ignored once found. She blends in so well with everything around her that she doesn't disturb anyone or anything. Akin to mother nature, she's the one who brings life and wonder to all without them even realizing it. She's so carefree and happy that anyone's laughter, compared to hers, isn't as sincere.

For the special few that dare go outside of the box, that dare not walk the line, that dare to even try to think unique... You'll finally see her and she'll never leave your side. Every moment is bliss and even though you long to introduce her to every single other person on the face of the planet... She's so shy that she'll hide in your shadow and rather not be seen. She doesn't know how honestly beautiful and intelligent she is. She doesn't dare call attention to herself and is simply happy having a few very close friends.

Julie is simply too amazing and her love is endless. And the love shown back for her is tenfold.
Every best friend of anyone ever is a Julie.

That person that shows you something amazing you'll never, ever forget? A Julie.

That best friend you'd give your life for? A Julie.

That wonderful person actually making a change, helping people, caring for those hurt animals, and those stranded people? A Julie.

"Wow, she really blew your mind, didn't she?"
"Yeah, that's Julie for you. She never ceases to amaze for even a second."
by Russia-Russia January 05, 2013
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A girl with such great personality she is one of a kind, she is beautiful inside and out but she doesn’t seem to know herself, a Julie will always be there for you no matter what, she has a heart so big. She is sometimes sad and tends to cry a lot but she has support and everyone cares about her. Never lose a Julie in your life
by Hundle685hamoup September 25, 2019
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Julie is the best friend/girlfriend you will ever have. You are one lucky bastard to know a Julie, never let her walk out of your life without trying to convince her to stay or it will be the biggest mistake of your life.
by MuffinJay August 23, 2014
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