55 definition by lola

stress caused by online games,instant messaging or e-mail.
I felt the e-tension start to build up, when that guy im'd me and started trippin off about how much of a skeeze I am.
by Lola February 19, 2004

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To Sit on a guy's dick and spin.
Man she likes to spin so much! She is such a spinner
by Lola January 01, 2004

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an especially good looking person
OOO he's a hotster!
by lola March 19, 2003

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over it, done with it, completely fed up with something
i am in a mood, and it is releiveal
by Lola March 21, 2005

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A dance done on the beaches in the southeastern United States.
I went to Myrtle Beach and did the shag.
by lola October 09, 2002

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Well...It is big, it is crazy, and, my fine feathered friend, it is in fact a Polar Bear. You can also call your friend this. All in good fun of course.
The Big Crazy Polar Bear tried to convince me that stale fish tastes better unharmed.
by LoLa October 30, 2004

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a zit or a pimple that "lurks" under your skin.
When I awoke this morning, I noticed a big lurker on the tip of my nose!
by Lola August 13, 2004

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