A word people make a mistake spelling when it should be beautiful.
Conversation over computer
Person 1: cindy iz so beutiful
Person 2: Um, it's "beautiful".
by Ms. Jack Skellington April 11, 2007
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How my absolute idiot self decided to spell beautiful, because god damnit I’m so tired
How I said it: “This song is so fucking beutiful” which is wrong, it means the same thing as the word beutiful but I’m just a dumb fucker so there’s that
by AHHHH FUCK September 14, 2018
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big-headed, alien-eyed, tweetie bird looking person.
A person who's name starts with a "C" and ends with an "E" Cammie to be exact.
by cruncho April 29, 2005
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Buetiful is a word invented by the tiktoker star, endergamer_backup. This word is used to describe a pretty person/thing.
“Your Beutiful today!”
by Pawzer March 5, 2022
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when you know she is truely beautiful, when you wake up next to her & she has no make up on & messy hair n you still think shes beutiful.
when i saw gemma this morning, she was mornin' beutiful
by she knows who April 25, 2006
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congratulations you moron you misspelled beautiful, go back to your trash heap of a cave
Jake: that girl is beutifull
John: did you just misspell beautiful?
Jake: sorry autocorrect haha
John: we are speaking
Jake: *wipes forehead*
John: please never wipe my forehead again
by sporklez March 18, 2021
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When a girl you met on instangram is very sexi and has big bobs, call her beutifule. She will like it but might block yu.
“hello beutifule. ples send bobs.” “yu are beutifule girl. send neked photos now bithch.”
by andytheratkeeper October 29, 2019
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