From the song Sweet Home Alabama, known for being played as an indicator for incest.
"Name something you used as a partner to practice kissing"


by an average memer January 23, 2019
Sweet home Alabama means loving to fuck your family, as an example of these people: Javier scalleta
Sweet home Alabama can be used when you tell someone they love fucking their family
by Imega June 25, 2019
Phrase that Alabamian people use after having sex with their family
John: Hey sis wanna bang?
Cathy: Sure John
*John and Cathy are banging each other*
John: Sweet Home Alabama
by YourNibba November 21, 2018
A phrase from the song, Sweet Home Alabama, that is used to indicate incest.
"Name something you used as a partner for kissing"
by an average memer January 23, 2019
A song written in 1974 by southern rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd in their second ever album Second Helping.
"What song are you listening to?"
"Sweet Home Alabama."
"I love that song!"
by Yt?gegs grrr February 20, 2019
Sweet Home Alabama is a song, but is also used to describe a relationship of incest
Friend: Katie Balmore and Pete Clifford like each other! They’re literally cousins!
Me: Sweet Home Alabama!
by daddysaddle91 March 3, 2019