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The farthest from the best. The most horrible. The pits. To have nothing good.
Greg is the worst. You are the worst. This is the worst. That is the worst. Or as one word; Worst, as to describe something.
by Matt Roche January 07, 2004
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used by itself without nouns or adjectives. commonly said when something you dislike occurs.
you just spilled juice on your new top.."ugh..WORST!!"
by ksmall July 08, 2005
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When you have to wake up every day at 7 am to go to school is BAD.

Then when you go to univeristy, you experience excitement in not waking up so early , but when you have to do it is WORSE than waking up everyday like that.
The WORST is when you have a job after university and have to go back to the initial 7 am waking up schedule.
You only see the worst in people.
by mlion98 February 10, 2018
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The state of being not best, doing things which will be considered illogical, silly or even stupid by bests.
Are you worst again?
You are such a worst man.
by Kanber July 17, 2018
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Something really bad or really good! Same as "the shit" in modern parlance.
D: "I want a Bobbie!"
RAvee:"Duudeeee!!! worst!!!".
by DaTrueFuschnick October 13, 2010
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