When a females pussy ,region is hairy;usually all the same length. Also is well groomed but has a distinct smell.
The man felt the shag and immediately pulled out of her grotesque vagina and punched her right in the couter then sharted on her bed
by John foot-penis July 7, 2014
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A British slang term for sexual intercourse. Used by people who think the term "making love" is too innocent and "fuck" is too coarse.
I know she was my school teacher, but I still wanted to shag her.
by DCI Gene Genie Hunt March 12, 2011
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The same thing as fucked. But in the u.k they say shagged.
I shagged that girl i met at the club last night.
by Anonymous March 21, 2003
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1) To have sexual intercourse
2) A sea bird, A small cormorant.
3) A form of rough pipe tobacco
4) A thick pile on a carpet.
1) I would really like to shag Samatha Janus (British TV star)
2) Shags are commonest in the waters around South West Britain
3) Going down the shop for some shag.
4) I've shampooed the rug so the shag is really soft
by black flag May 29, 2004
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can mean rough tobacco, or else amateur beach-style dancing in the US. But in the main UK sense, as noun or verb, is an alternative to "fuck" ... but with a slight, important difference of effect. To some ears, "fuck" (like "bang") can sound like an aggressive act, and/or violent conquest, whereas "shag" (a softer sound) sounds more like an enjoyable fun activity. "Shag" is still often the preferred term among women who are very keen on "shagging", very much enjoy shagging men (and/or women) and getting shagged themselves. But don't so much want to get "fucked" (though if talking about another woman, especially a rival, it may well be a different story!). (Note also: "fucking" can also suggest "meddling" or "cheating", "fucked" is also associated with "broken" or "finished", "had it" - "shagged" is used simply to mean "very tired" .... one more reason for the preference by some people for "shag" over "fuck"!)
Tracy to Sharon at a party: "Don't know about you ge-ww, but I need a good stiff shag right away".
Sharon: Yeah, so do I, but steer clear of that Darren, Trace, he just fucks ge-wws an' leaves 'em on their arses!
Tracy (eyes lighting up): Oh yeah? Which one's him then, Shazz?
Sharon (laughs out loud): Come on ge-ww, surely even YOU can do better than DARREN, ya randy little slag?!!!
by kofi May 15, 2003
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1. to have sexual intercourse with. 2. to have sexual intercourse. 3. an act of sexual intercourse.
The man will shag his wife tonight.
by Brandon August 5, 2003
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a shag is hard to describe. There are many definitions ...see shag
Here are a few things that a shag may be like:
1. A shag is like a see saw: up and down.
2. A shag is like the tide: in and out.
3. A shag is like a sauna: it makes you sweat.
4. A shag is like a good curry: it makes you hot.
5. A shag is like a table without a cloth: it has four bare legs.
6. A shag is like a spade: a tool in a hole.
7. A shag is like an invitation: cum in
8. A shag is like a kid on a rocking horse: a ride to remember
9. A shag is like bad porridge: lumpy and sticky
10.A shag is like a cox’s orders: In, Out, In, Out, In Out
11.A shag is like praying: Oh God, Oh God, Oh God.
12.A shag is like an Irish man with a strange name: Orgas Mic
13.A shag is like a thing for joining things together: A Screw.
14.A shag is like a connection between railway carriages: Coupling
15.A shag is like a conversation: Intercourse
by Criostoir Hulme July 12, 2006
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