The most vile, insipid, sanity-destroyingly horrible genre in the history of cinema. The romantic comedy is a genre of movie, usually mainstream, that follows a fairly consistant formula: boy meets girl, silly shit happens, low-intensity comedy insues, mild disasters averted, boy and girl get married and live happily ever after, the end. This formula never changes, for if there were the slightest deviation, it would not ba a romantic comedy. This genre exists solely for the entertainment of obnoxious, highly sentimental housewives who feel that their gender must consign them to this terrible fate. For them, to be feminine is to be an obnoxious, hand-wringing milksop. This is similar to the viewpoint among men that to be masculine is to be an obnoxious, belligerent neanderthal who crushes beer cans with his forehead. Romantic comedy is cinematic anti-matter. It is the opposite of art, and can not, by nature, be creative or original in any way. Romantic comedies are as plentiful as they are unbearable, due to the consistent market for sappy, brain-dead entertainment. A watcher of romatic comedies never gets tired of the same plot, over and over and over again, and therefore can watch the same movie, with subtle variations, thousands of times over a lifetime, viewing each new clone as if it were the first.

People of average intelligence are advised avoid this genre if at all possible, as it has been known to cause severe drowsiness, ennui, brain leakage through the ears and, in rare cases, extreme homicidal rage.
DVD's of previous years' romantic comedy hits are best suited for use as a cheap and durable paving and flooring material, and are of about the right size to be used as targets for archery and riflery practice.

I re-tiled my bathroom floor with surplus copies of You've Got Mail, and at half the cost of ceramic tile!
by the birds and trees September 25, 2006
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Something that lures the potential movie goer into great riches and beauty, and then transforms into a horrible creature and kills them. Instantly. This is a siren that must be avoided.
Hey dude, I think this movie sucks---- OH MY DANG, I THINK THE MOVIE IS TURNING INTO A ---- NOOOOOOO.
by Not Zane September 28, 2004
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A movie containing ANY romance and/or comedy
An example of a good Romantic Comedy could be The Notebook(Romance and some parts are funny.), Prom Night(killer loves her.. romance, her scared expression.. funny.) Enough said. Anything such as Meet the Morgans or shit like that is just giving romantic comedies a bad reputation and should be band from the genre.
by MovieDiva January 14, 2010
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A film in which both romance and comedy abound but of the more adult variety. These films tend to induce a lot of laughter, yet can also be taken seriously, depending on audience participation.
The best example of a romantic comedy of this sort is Pirates XXX where there is plenty of both 'romance' and comedy.
by cunning linguistXXX January 20, 2011
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