Not predictable; unable to tell what is coming next.
My work schedule is so unpredictable.
by EmEeBee June 5, 2008
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Very difficult to predict. Erratic or unstable, fickle.
"I'd rather go out with someone a little more unpredictable."

Is that what anyone would want in a spouse or a sweetheart? Somebody who is inconsistent, flaky, fickle, erratic, and just unreliable? A bad boy would be just the wrong man to marry if you want a successful, stable marriage.
by Lorelili August 11, 2011
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When one visits the ladies/little men's room, with the intention of a wizzle, but mid-visit decides he/she may as well have a shit.
'What took you so long?'
'Sorry man, had a case of Unpredicted Turdage.'
'Oh, really? Fair enough man, that's cool. Want another Mojito?'
by wastelandpanda March 13, 2012
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This is designed as a contradiction. To be Predictably Unpredictable means that the person being described is a riddle, an enigma.

I've met two people who fit this definition.
Max: "Hey do you know who that weird dude is over there? I don't get him at all. He is one strange mofo.."
Sue: "Yeah that's John Henry, he's definitely Predictably Unpredictable.. you never know what he'll do next.."
John Henry: "Checkmate"
by Echo Nova June 8, 2021
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When you fuck your girl, and you have to nut but at the same time have to piss. When your load comes out, it's either cum or piss. When she gets off ur dick, u get an answer.
Babe, what happeneded?
- Let me pull my dick out, i did an unpredictable bobby.
by ToxicGUY September 11, 2018
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