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A place on the internet that usually contains stimulating material, such as pictures, animations, or links. Noramlly created by website designers.
by Apul January 29, 2003
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There are 3 types of websites. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

The Good:
Supplies generous amounts of information, images and music aswell as has a nice layout with decent amounts of CSS.

The Bad:
Is made poorly with little or no effort. The background is horribly annoying. This website gets millions of hits, however, which is most annoying.

The Ugly:
A websiet with a white background, blue and purple hyperlinks, uses only Times New Roman font, and non-colored horizontal rules, plus crappy tables with sad borders and no design.
by Bastardized Bottomburp March 18, 2003
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A vessel for media available for viewing via the Internet. Programmers, both uber noob and leet, assemble code that ultimately results in at least one page of information. This/these page(s) usually contain words, images, video, sound, and more. Newer websites contain dynamic information that gives users (people viewing the website) access to one or more resources, such as a database. This website,, is the perfect example of a website containing dynamic content. This entry was submitted to a database for your review.

Websites can be sweet or they can be the suck. Websites containg porn, forums, shit you can buy, and funny crap are examples of sweet websites. Websites containing static information that does not arouse interest or humor are the suck. This website is sweet.
My idiot friend Chad made a website all about himself. What a retard.
by quaker oatmeal July 25, 2003
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Not only one of the most popular sources of pornography, but also, althought not well known, a mediocre source of information (mediocre due to all of the pop ups)
My keyboard got all sticky while I was looking at a web site
by Andrew Callaway August 02, 2003
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