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a website for young Russian people who want to meet new people or just a new way of communication with friends
Hey, you should check meout on whimit.
by Lola June 27, 2003

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Only good part of this boring town, is the beach and bay. Also if your a member of the Yacht club, you suck at sailing. The Duxbury Bay Maritime School owns your rich slow asses, go back to the golf course, and stop pretending your a real Yacht club, cause your not.
Also not every one in this town is a rich snob, some are just rich.
If you live in Duxbury you do not have an accent, but if you live one town over in marshfield you have a horrible one, thats just wierd.
If you want to sail, and not be retartedly slow go to DBMS in Duxbury.
by lola January 09, 2005

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An employee of a one-hour photo lab who becomes obsessed with a young suburban family.
"According to The Oxford English Dictionary, the word 'snapshot' was originally a hunting term. "
by lola December 21, 2004

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The time when someone was "supposed" to call, up until the point you: 1. get over it and realize you've been blown off or 2. actually get the phone call.
I'm in call-hell, Tyler said he'd call Monday and it's now Wednesday.
by Lola July 14, 2004

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A really small city in oregon. It stinks most of the time, but if you lived here you wouldn't notice it. We make cheese that's tasty, and ice cream which is also tasty. The downside of living here is that there is NOTHING to do...ever!!!
Tillamook stinks but it's worth it for our dairy.

Tillamook is really, really, really boring.
by Lola May 01, 2005

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tres buff n beutiful
people adore her.
she is well lola giwa (buff)
by lola December 15, 2003

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never stops sucking unless slapped
Ashlee is Nicks mosqitoe.
by lola October 10, 2004

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