55 definition by lola

Worst smelling condoms imaginable.
Don't use one of those Maxx's Julie, they stink!
by Lola April 14, 2005

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As in an all Girls College in Boston, Go here and meet more lesbians than you ever did back home and take manditory feminism classes, also never say the word gay or risk being attacked, Located right near Fenway enjoy the Red Sox rioting right outside your dorm room.
Hey I go to simmons.
when was the last time you saw a boy?
about two weeks ago.
by lola January 09, 2005

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1) lets get our groove on
2) lets see who can dance better- challenge someone in dancing
1) Lets go to the dancefloor and hit me on the hip

2) Wassup boob, wanna hit me on the hip?
by lola May 18, 2004

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A person who sucks. also very smelly, hasnt done shit for the usa since the revolutionary war and were late even then, hasnt won a war since...., preferrs to suck there own ass than fight, a person who surrenders to anyone, a whiny ass loser

why would anyone want to go to france, there are french people there.
I hate france, Frenchmen suck
by lola January 09, 2005

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when i naked man and a naked woman go together and have sex... usually ends up with a baby in 9 months! (rembember it only happens when they are in love)
jo and beth made love on the cruse and had a baby boy 9 months later
by lola March 17, 2005

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University of Southern California. And the amount of UCLA kids slamming the school clearly proves their own insecurity.
Hey Jill, I'm so excited to have gotten into USC! Everyone there is fun, brilliant, and gorgeous!
by Lola April 13, 2005

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