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Polymorph: Poly = "many" + Morph = "form" Hence, manyformed.
Republicans wrap themselves in the flag, create jobs and say they are patriotic but are polymorphic in action because they
ship jobs to China, ship the middle class and poor to war and
sell their souls and asses to businessmen who are anything but. See the polymorph change color and form as soon as the bullets fly.
by kb June 18, 2006
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a man who goes to chs, very wise, and a great singer... and poem writer
Man, i wish i could sing like amrtin77
by kb February 26, 2004
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It is a very manly woman, who is very physically strong, stocky build or overweight, usually has excessive facial and body hair and is sometimes mistaken for a man.
The masculine appearance of a Russian female shotput champion means she can be described as a grifter.
by kb April 15, 2005
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Known as a person of a shapely size using unknown words to describe their feelings...
by kb May 11, 2004
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a fat person with a big beefy red face
look at martys fat face jiggle when he runs, damn is he a hamcake!!
by kb March 12, 2005
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Tony spurted boybutter all over Pete's attempt at a six-pack of a stomach, as the two performed for their masturbating audience.
by kb October 08, 2003
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