Givin it 110%. Givin it yer all. Goin as hardcore as could possibly be imagined.
"Whadya plan to do with your life?"
"Well....I'm just gonna go out there and giver!"

by Gib November 13, 2003
This definition (not the noun 'giver' which means 'one who gives') is a North American word meaning to 'go hard' at something. Usually refers to (but not limited to) drinking, fast driving, partying, working, and possibly sex. Mostly used by Canadians; probably a short form of 'give 'er shit' meaning give it some gas, or put some muscle behind it!
by Supa Funky May 22, 2007
The "active" partner in certain sexual acts (the one doing the "giving"). Often refers to the penetrative partner in homosexual intercourse.
Sometimes I like to take it up the poop chute, but most of the time I'm the giver.
by Reichu June 27, 2005
giver(verb): to give your all; to get completely hardcore on/about something; to party extremely hard; to indulge in numerous fun activities simultaneously.
"Man, we have to get to the party and giver!"
by Anonymous June 23, 2003
A term of encouragement shouted while someone is attempting to do something requiring great strength or speed.
"I can't get this window open!"
"Come on, giver!"
by MarkusRTK January 22, 2004
Giver Jim. Who cares if you look like an ass. GIVER.
by Jeremywp3 April 1, 2004
Cracking A Pilly And Shot gunning it, Then repeating numerous times.
Um lets go giver
*Goes shot gunn pilly*
by Nate duncan February 24, 2004