30 definitions by kb

A layer of toilet paper laying on the top of the water in the toilet to keep you from getting backsplash.
Luckily the landing pad was there to catch my massive shit.
by kb June 18, 2006
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A part of the nervous system that makes a person hungary, girl crazy, get PMS, and makes people irritable.
That bitch needs to get her hypothalamus checked!
by kb February 20, 2004
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dylan s's nickname forever and it cant be changed
wow dilmo stuck out again
by kb March 03, 2005
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best SOAD song EVER.
I'm not there all the time ya know, some people, some people, some people call it insane! yeah they call it insane sugar!
by kb April 27, 2003
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slutty girls that belong to social sororities
"I'm not going to go out with any of those sorostitutes!"
by kb September 28, 2003
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abbv. Sound provider. Used to describe those who use digital music as source.
Yo, that SP was playing all the hot mashups!
by kb January 05, 2005
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An expression that shows either vast boredom or annoyance.
I sat around with nothing to do and muttered "urgalurg" to myself.
by kb March 10, 2004
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