"All my friends cancelled, i still have Craig as a last resort to chill though."
by someboooooody January 14, 2012
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Resorting sociobots are the ones who have their individuality but slowly and eventually accept the norm for their own personal benefit or as curiosity/experiment/experiment due to curiosity. They are, as (sorta)sociobots (and especially as not sociobots), feared/scorned by the Spreading sociobots and feared/scorned and shot down by Ruling ones, the more beyond hope sociobots are, the more they will want to push resortings out of society for being themselves.

They know more about life and come from healthy or healthier families or have had close/long term/a significant contact with a person who has told them/ knows how to be human/how to live and they usually have emotions and feeling and etc that are brightly coloured and go beyond the boxes of society. They can make a change and do to the sociobots with more hope and bravery.

They become sociobots for reasons like, acceptance, popularity, curiosity, worry about having a drab life/never changing etc but stay largely unharmed, unaffected, unscarred through the experience and therefore are sometimes admired by most sociobots and followed/supported by concedings. (and on various occasions crushed on by semi hopeful spreading sociobots)

These people are rare and there's a reason for that- too many sociobots

Also see- Sociobot, Chain of Sociobots, Ruling Sociobot, Spreading Sociobot, Conceding Sociobot, Sociobot Patterns
(Mitchie from Camp Rock).

Resorting sociobots-

Sociobot- Ya, that's totally cool right
Resorting- Umm, ya, that's like... sooo cool..

Sociobot- Lol
Resorting- ??... LOL!!!

Resorting- ah, Ya, that's, like SO cool!
Resorting 2- Ah, yeah...! ... *narrows eyes*
(recognise each other)
Resorting- Oh
Resorting 2- Thank God!
R1- Hey!!
R2- Hey! ... Back!
R1&2- ...LOLL. ;D
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A collection of plastic or vinyl tarps tied off to trees, poles, walls, etc. Generally, they are sighted at camp grounds, music festivals, and car races.
Well, it looks like we found the party. That's a redneck resort if I ever saw one!

Now this is livin'! I got everything I need at me & my friends redneck resort!
by glamrocker October 11, 2013
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The typically minor injuries one can experience during a tropical vacation. May include Sunburn, sandal blisters, sand in the eyes, and hangovers.
Mila will always get hurt when she goes to Hawaii. Her first day resort injury is typically sunburn. She usual comes back looking like a crippled lobster.
by Shakesmear May 17, 2022
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1) the worst case option
2) the course of action when all else fails
3) the final frontier
1) With the game on the line, Coach Peterson had no choice but to put their last resort, Rudy The Hunchback, on the field.
by John Bell November 25, 2005
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n. a word (or phrase) created by Hillary Clinton as the antonym to last resort.
n. primary action
n. first choice for the course of action
"War should be a last resort, not a first resort"
-Hillary Clinton
by Victor Cas January 4, 2008
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A friend that you always hang out with and talk to at school but when you go home and during the weekend you don't even keep in touch with him/her. You usually only talk to this type of person when you have no one else in class to talk to or when you have no one else to eat lunch with.
Cris- Yo why don't you invite ur friend that ur always eating lunch with?

John- Na I only talk to him at school I never really hang out with him outside of school.

Cris- Oh, I guess he's ur class resort then huh?
by steviethekid12 September 29, 2010
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