A shit found in a public men's room that is so massive it spans the entire width of the toilet bowl and cannot be flushed unless broken into pieces with a shit stick
Oh my God! This massive shit was in the toilet. There was no way to flush it unless I smashed it with a shit stick!
by phreakphace March 13, 2017
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uh oh oh honey i just released half my fucking body weight in shit in the toilet and now im dead of cancer
i have massive shit
by rowleyjeffson November 23, 2020
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Most cancerous YouTuber on earth, known as Ricegum. Worse than Keemstar. He has a more cancerous fanbase than: Syndicate, TMarTN, Keemstar, Any prank channel, any Minecrafter, any Reactioner, any Drama channel, any Call of Duty Dickrider like Ali-A, and even every Musical.ly YouTuber.
Look at that big massive shit, always flexing on everyone and finding the most pathetic excuses to cause drama in order to get views.
by RceGumSks March 29, 2018
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Constipation.....ongoing....day after day after day.

Visit the drug-store.
purchase some senna.
o/d on senna.
empty your bowels around your feet and down the legs of your jeans.
Drug-store again.
eat shit.
buy epicac
eat puke

Then soil the shop.....severely.
I just did a really fucking massive shit....ooooh dear.
by shabba-ranks November 29, 2013
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