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The angry, violent state some pregnant women may resort to after their first trimester
Holy shit! Run! Pregzilla returns !
:::gnashes teeth and sharpens deadly, bloody claws:::
by kb June 26, 2003
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When a man is jealous of another man because of the size of his penis. Usually a girl is involved, she might choose one man over another, and the other man comes down with penis envy.
"Joe has penis envy."

"Penis envy is why the two men aren't friends."
by kb October 05, 2003
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a dirty ass ugly ho that thinks she look good but the guys only talk to her cuz they want they dick sucked or cuz she an easy fuck
casey fillman, she looks like a lil kid old n has way too many freckles n squinty eyes
by kb August 18, 2004
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a gay man who pitches and sometimes receives.
A giver and a taker.
by kb December 17, 2004
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Polymorph: Poly = "many" + Morph = "form" Hence, manyformed.
Republicans wrap themselves in the flag, create jobs and say they are patriotic but are polymorphic in action because they
ship jobs to China, ship the middle class and poor to war and
sell their souls and asses to businessmen who are anything but. See the polymorph change color and form as soon as the bullets fly.
by kb June 18, 2006
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