To receive from outside influence a need to fix problems of a mutually desirable outcome.
The Holy Spirit is the ultimate source of inflection because all he does is fix God's mistakes from only doing Good when there is a PERFECT universe he is not Good enough to Join by himself alone.
by Hellsprung December 12, 2017
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when someone, in an effort to seem like they care, pronounces your name differently every time you see each other to deflect from the fact you have nothing to talk about or are too busy to remember anything about this person
Frank: "Benjamin (BEN juh men), what's new?"
Benjamin: "Well I'm getting married in a month."

- 1 month later -

Frank: "So Benjamin (ben juh MEN), how's life?"
Benjamin: "Great. I got married Saturday."
Benjamin: "I did and your inflection deflection isn't helping."
by I'mTotallyNotDave October 11, 2010
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Calculus: A point at which the concavity of a mathematical function changes. Points of inflection occur where the second derivative f''(x)=0, and where f'''(x) doesn't =0.
OF COURSE this is urban slang. "Whazzap wit da point of inflection, biatch?"
by Aaronak January 14, 2005
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When someone isn’t British but acts and sounds British to the point they are mistaken to be British. Usually not being from British descent they just naturally come off as if they were born there.
“They have a British inflection despite being from Australia
by Numulic February 20, 2023
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When you mistakenly use the wrong inflection at the end of a sentence, resulting in confusion from both the listening and speaking parties
Guy 1: man that cheeseburger was tasty as hell??

Guy 2: wtf did you just say dude

Guy 1: sorry man serious case of inflection confusion
by bones4436 June 13, 2009
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When, proverbially speaking, shit hits the fan, especially when one is talking about the us house ofrepresentatives.
If you don't know what a point of inflection is, look at the 2018 us midterms, when the squad was born.
by Sexydimma May 24, 2021
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What unique English teachers call it when your voice goes up at the end of a sentence that wasn’t a question.
Oh, Ethan you used Pumpkin Spice Latte Inflection again. *Snickers, then Says* I would like a Large one this time.
by AD/Strength/Special Teams December 17, 2019
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